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Introducing our full range of luxury garden fire pits

Introducing our full range of luxury garden fire pits

The stunning Sunny Garden Fire Pit is modern, decorative and designed for use in any terrace or garden to create an elegant ambiance. The low lying circular design provides an effective way to protect your lawn or terrace from burning. It also offers the freedom to light a bonfire anywhere in the garden, without fear of burning out a big black spot.

Our Erizo 50 Garden Fire Pit has a bold square design which will look good in any garden or terrace to create atmosphere, as well as make a big impact. This woodburning fire pit is made of high quality materials and we recommend that you light it using dry wood.

The Gamma Garden Fire Pit is sculpted into a beautiful hexagonal design which will make for a unique feature in any terrace or garden. This wood burning fire pit emanates elegant ambient light and cosy warmth wherever it’s laced, making it the perfect outdoor addition.

The free-standing Pit Garden Fire Pit is designed to evoke a beautiful butterfly taking flight. This beautiful woodburning brazier will be sure to bring warmth and a touch of elegance to any outdoor setting.

Our geometric Pyramid Garden Fire Pit is the go-to garden or terrace accessory, making the perfect centrepiece while creating a cosy, beautifully lit atmosphere as the winter nights draw in.

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