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New Dura Flash Installation Video

Dear Customers,

 We are pleased to have upgraded our DURA FLASH product but, in all honesty, its full range of benefits haven’t been properly communicated to you as yet.

 The improved DURA FLASH product has a 20-year warranty due to the new, environmentally friendly material that it incorporates and is made from one continuous piece of material, rather than two. It no longer sticks to itself in the box and stretches up to five times more than the old flashing when using the dedicated new ‘stretch tool’. The new DURA FLASH also remembers its new shape, unlike the old material, and once stretched is easier to work with. We will also be selling a special rolling tool that places six to eight times more pressure on the flashing than using your hands and extra butyl tape for belt and braces where required.

 We can assure you that the new DURA FLASH is a superior, longer lasting product that is even more eco-friendly than ever before. It simply needs to be fitted differently for optimum results so please watch our helpful installation video. We are also happy to visit our customers or for you to come to us to receive full training.

 We will also be selling the DURA FLASH as a roll in its native form Sabetoflex so that you can use it for complete Lead replacement in any situation, including square chimneys, valleys and windows. There will be more information on this to follow soon.

 We do still have some of the old DURA FLASH in stock, which will filter through over the next couple of months and will be clearly marked, with the inclusion of fitting instructions. If you have any questions at all or wish to discuss further, please feel free to contact me directly on  

Thank you very much for your understanding during this small period of product transition.