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Why fit Dura Flue over all other conventional types of chimney liners?

Dura Flue is the only chimney liner in the UK that is manufactured in such a way that it does not come apart internally when flexed or installed. It is the only chimney liner on the market that is manufactured so that the internal duct is completely sealed (You can see from the pictures the difference). If the flue liner you’re considering to purchase has to be fitted a certain way up (it will have directional arrows on it) then it’s not Dura Flue. Dura flue can be fitted either way up because it’s completely sealed inside so whichever way it is fitted you’ll be safe to know it’s fitted correctly. 


Dura flue is also designed with two completely different patented types of stainless steel strips, inner and outer. You’ll often hear other suppliers using terms as ‘Better quality steel’ or ‘Fit the best’ but with no technical explanation. We use the same 316 or 904 grade stainless steel to manufacture our liners but it’s the process the steel goes through that makes them unique and able to withstand higher levels of corrosion. It also gives them their unique durability and strength.

The outer strip is profiled into a hard corrugated shell, so when the liner is being dragged down a brick chimney it’s protecting the inner smooth duct. With standard chimney liner this is where the inner duct is damaged on installation and the internal ‘flaps’ will come apart (refer to picture). This doesn’t happen with Dura Flue, the corrugated outer skin can take the punishment of installation leaving the inside nice and smooth.

The inner strip is pre profiled in such a way that when formed it’s completely smooth, the surface of the stainless steel is completely fresh and has never been compromised therefore making it much more difficult for corrosion to set in. With conventional liner you’ll be able to see fine scratches on the surface of the ‘flaps’ where the steel has been compromised in production, you’ll also very easily be able to pull apart the liner with your hands with no real effort. You cannot do this with Dura Flue.

We welcome all customers to come and see our unique manufacturing process at any of our depots so that we can show you the benefits of a Dura Flue chimney liner. We believe in high quality products, doing a job once and doing it right.